Dwight Evans: I’m running for Congress

By Dwight Evans

I’m running for Congress in the 2nd District.

For too long, Washington has ignored the problems of urban America. There are neighborhoods in Philadelphia that have been neglected for forty years, leaving them in a state of decay.

We have over 200,000 people in Philadelphia who live in “deep poverty,” the most of any city in the country. Our schools are in crisis. And gun violence continues to cost us the lives of hundreds of Philadelphians each year.

I intend to go to Washington to fight for all those who live in the shadows of life. And all those who work hard, sometimes two jobs, but still can’t get ahead — say you’re with me.

For those who send their kids to failing schools. Those who are drowning in student debt. And all those who live their lives each day in fear of gun violence. I intend to be a voice for a new urban America — where all of our neighborhoods are viewed as important.

Now is the time for a new plan to reinvest in America’s cities. We can build a stronger Philadelphia, and a stronger urban America, block by block.

When I was growing up, it seemed like everyone in the neighborhood had jobs, regardless of their age. My parents separated and my mother raised five kids on her own. I got a job at the age of 14, which wasn’t uncommon back then. And I worked throughout high school to help my mother support our family.

Today, those jobs don’t exist. It’s time we work to reinvest in our cities and create good jobs.

Through government policies, as well as some good ole fashion self-empowerment, we can clean up our neighborhoods, protect them from crime and blight, and work to turn around our schools. That will lay the foundation for job creation, better wages, and a rising middle class.

Together, we’ve shared a lot of great moments over the years. I’m proud of our effort to rebuild parts of West Oak Lane block by block.

This coming campaign is the challenge of a lifetime, and I plan to bring passion and energy to this race. But I need you involved if I’m going to win — say you’re with me:


Thank you.