Mayor Jim Kenney: Philadelphia needs to send Dwight Evans to Congress

By Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney

When I ran for mayor, I promised to fight for all of Philadelphia’s neighborhoods because we can’t leave any neighborhood behind.

Dwight Evans shares my belief that we can make a lasting impact for the betterment of people’s lives through sound public policy. To help all neighborhoods, revitalizing them block by block.

Now, more than ever, we need a Congressman who will inject energy into solving some of urban America’s most pressing problems: poverty, long-term joblessness, education, and housing. Dwight Evans will be that Congressman.

He’ll be a champion for regular people and I hope you’ll join me by signing up for Dwight’s campaign and by sharing the news of my endorsement with your friends.

If you judge a man by not only his words, but his record, you’d be hard pressed to find a better representative than Dwight Evans. He’s revitalized West Oak Lane from a blighted neighborhood into a commercial success story, with a shopping district, stable income, jobs, and a thriving community.

No one loves Philadelphia and our people more than Dwight Evans.

It’s Dwight Evans who passed a law to build the convention center downtown. It’s Dwight Evans who brought back tens of millions of dollars for our public schools. And it’s Dwight Evans who has been praised by the Obama administration for his work to end food deserts, bringing grocery stores into underserved areas in order to provide fresh food options and combat hunger and create good jobs.

But it’s on Philadelphians like you to send Dwight Evans to Washington, so add your name and join the campaign today.

Thank you.