Dwight Evans: Stand with Gov. Wolf and #RaiseTheWage

By Dwight Evans

Here in Philadelphia, we have more than 200,000 people who live in deep poverty, the most of any big city in America.

That’s why I was proud to stand with Governor Tom Wolf and business owners at the Trolley Car Diner earlier today to support raising the minimum wage.

I’m running for Congress to fight for all those who work hard, but still can’t get ahead — and if you’re with me, then I hope you’ll sign the petition to #RaiseTheWage.

Governor Wolf did the right thing by issuing an executive order to raise the wage for employees under his jurisdiction, but he needs our help if we’re going to get the Republicans in Harrisburg to give more than 1.2 million Pennsylvanians a raise.

One of the reasons why so many are struggling to get by is that the minimum wage hasn’t kept pace with inflation or productivity. If the minimum wage kept pace with labor productivity, it would now be over $21 an hour and workers would have security for their families.

The proposal Governor Wolf is urging Republicans to pass would put more than $1.8 billion into workers’ pockets, lifting families out of poverty and creating more than 6,000 jobs.

Say you’re with me and Governor Wolf — sign the petition to #RaiseTheWage.

Thank you,