What Freedom Means to Me

By Dwight Evans

Every Fourth of July weekend, my favorite pastime is kicking back with family, friends, and neighbors while we throw some BBQ on a grill and enjoy the weather.

For over 240 years, Americans have fought for our freedoms — and while this weekend is obviously more than about BBQ picnics, it gives me time to reflect on the freedoms and equality I have, that were battled, marched, and protested for by many Americans.

Freedom to me is a world-class public education system with high-quality teachers and access to resources that prepare children for careers in the jobs of tomorrow.

Freedom to me is the ability to have access to a grocery store with fresh, healthy foods and purchase locally from our neighbors.

Freedom to me is a strong infrastructure that supports local businesses and the economy, so growth within the community can spread outwards.

And the ability to relax on the porch or take a stroll without fear of becoming a victim of gun violence is a freedom we should all have.

These are only a drop in the bucket of freedoms I value and will work hard to accomplish in Congress for folks across Pennsylvania.

Today, I want to add a new favorite pastime to my Fourth of July weekend — I’d like to hear from you personally because it’s folks like you who make my campaign possible to fight for these values.

So what does freedom mean to you?

I look forward to hearing from you.