Dwight’s Plan to Rebuild America’s Cities

By Dwight Evans

When I started to revitalize Ogontz Avenue, I learned early on that one of the first steps to bringing people back into the community was creating affordable, safe housing and reliable transportation to good jobs.

Affordable housing is essential to Philadelphia. When we relieve housing costs that strain many families and attract new businesses, surrounding areas can see economic boosts where businesses can grow — and where families can live, shop, and have access to fresh foods.

In 2012, a report found 92 percent of the jobs added and 89 percent of the GDP growth in the United States happened in metropolitan areas — but Republicans have no plan to re-invest in our urban areas to sustain that growth or make living in cities more affordable.

We must re-invest in cities that form the backbone of our economy. If you agree, sign the petition and say you’re with me for a real plan to rebuild America’s cities.

According to an analysis by Slate.com, the recent Republican Party platform adopted in Cleveland “is a Godzilla policy: a program for destroying cities, not restoring them.”
I’ve dedicated my life to urban renewal, and as Congressman, I will continue to do so not only for the entire second district, but for all urban areas across the United States.

Today, Orgontz Avenue is a thriving community that has undergone a remarkable transformation. The community came together to turn the area into a clean, safe, and bustling hub of activity — and we continue to do so today.

When we come together, we can make a difference — neighbor by neighbor, block by block. Add your name today and tell the Republicans you’re standing with me to restore our cities, instead of working to destroy them.