Dwight Evans: Let’s dial it up to a hotspot

By Dwight Evans

WiFi is nothing new — in fact, you’re most likely reading this on a wireless network right now.

But it’s still a luxury many people can’t afford.

Many low-income residents across the country today are still without WiFi access — leaving them unable to connect with family, access important news, educational resources, and more.

Up until several years ago, there used to be payphones on almost every city corner to keep us connected at any time of the day, and as they started to be used less as technology advanced, WiFi hotspots started to pop-up everywhere — but not for everyone.

I believe WiFi hotspots should be equally as accessible as dial-up phone booths were before — and if we repurposed all of those old payphone kiosks into free wireless hotspots, folks who could not afford it before can finally have access to the internet.

WiFi is crucial in today’s world. We’re all connected digitally. Isn’t it time everyone had equal access? Sign the petition to extend free WiFi.

New York City is currently creating the world’s largest and fastest free public Wi-Fi network by replacing its payphones to provide New Yorkers with free internet access, domestic calling, USB charging ports and a 911 button for contacting emergency services. As many as 10,000 of these will be installed across the city — and we can join this movement of internet accessibility.

Add your name and say you’re with me to expand free WiFi hotspot access.

Thank you.