Dwight Evans: Yes We Can

By Dwight Evans

President Barack Obama’s farewell address was not an end to his legacy, it was a call to the American people to protect our democracy and the ideals our nation was founded on.

While President-elect Donald Trump aims to reverse much of the progress we’ve made, we can’t sit on the sidelines just because we didn’t win the presidential election in November. Now, more than ever, we must keep fighting for the values that matter to everyday Philadelphians.

Keeping health care for millions, LGBT equality, protecting women’s rights and access to health care, our children’s right to education, and improving an economy that works for all and not just the few. These are the issues that we’ll need to focus on and work to protect during the Trump Administration.

Everything we’ve accomplished together — bringing millions back to our public schools, ending food deserts, revitalizing our urban communities — these are my reminders to fight with a passion and conviction, because my efforts matter — and I know you want yours to as well.

As President Obama said, our democracy needs you “not just when there’s an election…but over the full span of a lifetime.” By coming together, we can truly make a difference in our communities — we must not only work to make sure we’re not divided by corrosive partisanship, but work to ensure that we can continue to move our country forward.

Trump’s actions, tweets, and nominations since the election show how he plans to continue to divide our great nation to serve his own goals and those of his powerful friends over the people.

But I’m not discouraged. I know there are thousands of people like you who will answer President Obama’s call to action and fight back against Trumpism and move our country forward with hope, opportunity, and shared prosperity for all.

Yes we can.