Dwight Evans: The Cost of Trumpcare

By Dwight Evans

President Donald Trump and Speaker Paul Ryan say they want a healthcare plan that dramatically cuts costs and covers more Americans than Obamacare, yet their plan does no such thing.

Here’s what the Congressional Budget Office’s report says about Trumpcare:

  • 24 million more Americans would go uninsured within the next decade
  • $300 billion in tax cuts to the wealthy and big insurance companies, while Medicaid is decimated — harming working families
  • Seniors could see costs skyrocket and face premiums five times as much as young people

When we talk about these numbers, we must always discuss how they represent real Americans — people who probably just live down the block. On West Oak Lane and all across the area, I know working families and seniors who simply wouldn’t be able to afford Trumpcare. People who would have to choose between insurance or paying for the heat.

Instead of taking responsibility for proposing a bill that takes healthcare away from millions of working families while redistributing billions to the wealthy, Trump’s allies are attacking the CBO, claiming that their numbers can’t be trusted.

There’s just one problem with that: the White House’s own analysis of Trumpcare showed 26 million people would lose coverage over the next decade — even worse than the CBO estimate!

But Ryan says he’s “pretty encouraged by it, it actually exceeded my expectations.”

If he’s talking about how $300 billion will be given away to the wealthy and big insurance companies, then I guess he’s right.

Healthcare may be complicated, but Trumpcare is not. It’s about billions for the rich and the big corporations while working families get left behind. Add your name to the petition: