The Philadelphia Tribune: Dwight Evans refuses salary during government shutdown

Originally published in the Philadelphia Tribune

By Lissa Poirot

Pennsylvania’s 2nd Congressional District representative Dwight Evans announced on Twitter that he would not accept a salary during the government shutdown.

After meeting with a local air traffic controller about losing her income during the shutdown, Evans, a democratic member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives member since 1981, tweeted a copy of the letter he submitted to the Chief Administrative Office. In the letter, he asks that his salary is withheld until an appropriations agreement goes into effect.

Evans also tweeted: “800k hard-working federal workers are working w/o pay or staying home b/c Trump is using them as a bargaining chip to open the gov’t,” continuing, “B/c of workers like her, I’m asking the House to withhold my salary until federal workers receive their hard-earned [money]!”