Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Applauds the PRO Act, Calls For Entire PA Delegation in U.S. House and Senate to Support

HARRISBURG, PA, Feb. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate both announced the introduction of Protecting the Right to Organize Act in Congress. Our pro-union U.S. Senator Bob Casey is a co-sponsor as well as the following pro-worker congressional members: Rep. Michael Doyle, Rep. Connor Lamb, Rep. Matthew Cartwright, Rep. Susan Wild, Rep. Mary Scanlon, Rep. Madeleine Dean, Rep. Dwight Evans, Rep. Brendan Boyle, and Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick. We look forward to adding more co-sponsors in the future.

On behalf of the 700,000 workers of our Commonwealth’s union movement, the officers of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO, President Rick Bloomingdale and Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder, released the following statements:

“Pennsylvania workers are about to see a new day for their rights on the job. The multi-billion-dollar union-busting industry will do everything it can to continue to deprive and attack workers’ rights. But the power of working people will seize this moment, and their voices will be heard. We commend our Commonwealth’s bi-partisan delegation of PRO Act co-sponsors for their commitment to all working people. We urge the rest of our representatives to do sign on and support this step toward economic justice,” remarked President Rick Bloomingdale.

“So-called ‘right to work’ laws are the last actual vestige of Jim Crow legislation. Designed by an architect of hatred, these laws aimed to keep Black workers out of unions in the South. It worked so well in depriving all working people of their rights on the job that corporations and anti-union interests exported this legislation to every state they could to destroy workers’ rights across the Country. The PRO Act will finally remove this discriminatory attack on economic rights in America. This is an historic act in the fight to dismantle systemic discrimination and racism,” stated Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder.