Pennsylvania News Today: Haiti’s assassination draws criticism from local community members

Members of the Philadelphia Haitian community are making a fuss about the embarrassed assassination of Haiti’s President Jovenel Moise.

Moise, a 53-year-old former businessman who took office in 2017, was shot dead, and his wife Martine was seriously injured when a heavily armed assassin attacked the couple’s house before dawn on Wednesday. Several suspects were reportedly shot dead or arrested.

Numa St. Louis, a Haitian-American and policy adviser to US Congressman Dwight Evans, called the assassination a serious breach.

“The president has a lot of critics and I count myself in the group, but I think his way out was completely wrong,” he said.

“Killing a man in his own house was barbaric and inhumane.”

“I think Haitians everywhere in Haiti and the Diaspora are having problems with Jobenel because of mismanagement of public funds, anxiety he presided over, or an overstay of power,” said St. Louis. Told.

“He managed the country completely wrong, despite being a serious breach of sovereignty and dignity. We lamented it, and the Haitians said he would end his term and hold elections. I wanted it, “he continued.

“Regardless of our position or concerns about him, we categorically reject and blame what happened.”

Moïse was statutory ruled for over a year after the dissolution of parliament. He dominated Haiti as the country was plagued by instability, violence and gangster activity.

Merytony Nathan, vice president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Philadelphia Haiti, said many were shocked by the killing of Moïse.

“It shocks the world,” she said. “It’s a shock to everyone because it involves foreigners.”

More than 28 people were involved in the assassination, including calls from Colombia, Haiti and the United States, according to published reports.

She wants to see everyone involved in Moïse’s murder be brought to justice.

“We want all these people to be arrested,” Nathan said. “We want them to pay for it. We want justice and we hope this never happens again.”

Gilda Genrei, co-founder of the Elise Joseph Foundation, a non-profit organization, said local members of the Haiti community are concerned about the turmoil that has occurred in the last two years due to the rise of violence. It was.

“For us in the Diaspora, it’s really disappointing to see the country, especially Port-au-Prince, the center of everything, worsen until so many atrocities are uncontrolled,” she said. It was.

“Every trauma experienced by the family was very painful for us here. With many Haitians who are very aware and connected to what is happening in Haiti, all churches, church ministries, And we can truly say that the prayer line group is sincerely praying for it to end, “said Jean-Louis.

Jean-Louis said Moïse had previously been sued to resign to make the situation worse. She said there was a previous warning that Moïse could be assassinated.

Opposition leaders recently demanded that he resign, claiming that his term had legally ended in February 2021.

“We are sad to hear that it had to result in the assassination of the president,” added Jean-Louis.

“We wanted many of Haiti’s leaders to oppose the president and pay attention to the warning. At that point we would all be sad, but people in Haiti I’ve lived in terrible horror for over two years. “

Parthen Anti, a local Haitian businessman, was surprised by the murder of Moïse.

“That was unexpected,” he said. “I think some people don’t like the president. He wanted to have an election in September. After the election, he was able to return to his hometown and live in peace. That’s what he wanted to do. I’m just shocked now because I thought it would happen. “

Louis Phanor, publisher of Haiti’s local newspaper L’Informaeur, has expressed concern about the impact of Moïse’s assassination on Haiti.

“By doing this, you cause confusion in the country,” he said. “This is not good for the image of the country. The country is suffering a lot. People are suffering.”