Pennsylvania News Today: US Congressman Dwight Evans highlights Philadelphia’s benefits from infrastructure packages

Pennsylvania will receive billions of dollars from a trillion-dollar infrastructure bill.

President Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan includes $ 1 billion for a community reconnection initiative designed primarily to remedy the damage caused by highways built through the Color Community.

US Rep. Dwight Evans, Pennsylvania, co-sponsored a plan to support Philadelphia districts such as Nicetown and Chinatown, which were destroyed by the Roosevelt and Vine Street highways. He partnered with members of the Black Presidium on Tuesday to lead the fight to reconnect the community.

“This is an example of what is called mobility injustice, which means dividing the community,” Evans said, referring to the elevated Roosevelt Boulevard highway in Nicetown.

Plans to fill the division of the Nicetown Community Development Corporation are backed by a community reconnection initiative. Nicetown CDC will receive $ 1 million from the initiative to develop a sports court under the elevated Roosevelt Boulevard Highway. The $ 9 million development includes a basketball court, rain garden, skate park, small amphitheater, and vendor plaza.

“Some of what the Nicetown CDC has done over the years goes to the commercial corridor on Germantown Avenue,” said Maggie Darashid, Chief Operating Officer of the Nicetown CDC, at a press conference on Tuesday. Afternoon. “I’m really grateful that MPs have seen our Sports Court plan and what it brings to the neighborhood of Nicetown.”

“Nicetown has experienced many years of industry, poverty, crime, murder and shooting escapes, which continues development and strategic planning to bring this community back to independence. It helps to do. “Rashid continued.

“We always say we’re building block by block, that’s what’s happening here,” says Evans about his plans for Nicetown. “It gives people a sense of hope to live in the community.”

Last Friday, Evans voted for a groundbreaking infrastructure bill that would create millions of jobs and repair overdue national roads, bridges, transportation and water and sewer systems. Pennsylvania will receive $ 11.3 billion on roads, $ 1.6 billion on bridges, $ 2.8 billion on public transport, and $ 1.4 billion on clean drinking water.

The president will sign the bill next week.

Evans also voted for house rules to clarify how to pass the Buildback Better Act in the near future.

“We are pleased to vote for this large new investment in creating repairs and upgrades for transportation, roads, bridges, water and sewage, and other systems,” Evans said in a news release. The Buildback Better Act, a historic investment in making child care, housing and prescription drugs more affordable, is on track to reduce child poverty in half. “

Ryan Boyer, business manager of the Philadelphia and Vicinity Workers’ District Council and chairman of the Philadelphia Building and Construction Trade Council (AFL-CIO), emphasized the impact of investing in employment on the bill. ..

“Philadelphia has a lot of problems,” he said. The best social program is good union work, and this bill will provide good union work. “

“We will invest directly in the work of this bill. Whether you work on highways or bridges or in local corridors, this bill includes everything.”