NBC Philadelphia: Mann Center Has Plans for Up to $70M, 3-Phase Update to Fairmount Park Campus

Democratic U.S. Congressman Dwight Evans (PA-3rd District) and Cahill on Wednesday morning announced $1 million in federal funding to be allocated to the cultural nonprofit to help it advance the renovations. The funding stems from President Joe Biden’s $1.5 trillion omnibus spending package, and goes to support the Mann as “a major cultural and economic driver in Philadelphia,” Evans said.

The aid comes as the Mann, which kicks off its 2022 season in April, embarks on stages five through seven of an overarching master plan that originated in 2003. The extensive three-part portion currently underfoot is likely to take upward of 20 years to fully complete. Most recently, stage four of the Mann’s overall plan took place from 2017 to 2019 and included overhauling dilapidated seating and addressing major water infiltration of its wood pavilion.

The nonprofit will focus on fundraising to implement as much as possible of stage five in time for 2026, which marks Philadelphia’s highly anticipated semiquincentennial celebration as well as the Mann’s 50th anniversary at its Fairmount Park venue, reports PBJ.com.

Within stage five, attention will first be given to constructing a permanent Skyline Stage, which will include addressing ongoing “major power issues” stemming from aging electrical infrastructure.

If enough money is raised in time for 2026, then the Mann will turn to expanding its plaza and maximizing its food-and-beverage operation via the new pavilion and wine bar. More bathrooms would be included in the updates.